What is HIE?

HIE also known as Health Information Exchange is a service through which the doctors and patients can connect with each other. Through it the patients can share and access the information in the most secure and appropriate way possible. If you are in need of exchanging vital medical information, then you can definitely do so thanks to our technology that is utilized behind the different forms of health information exchange that is available.    

HIE Benefits

When you share your electronic patient information with the providers through HIE you can easily:

  • Get your information and receive feedback in a confidential way without regards to the location in which the care was provided. You can also get access you vital medical history whenever you like. For example: The information can come anywhere from sources such as labs, emergency rooms, or even specialist's offices. 
    We will provide you with a safer and more effective way to get access to your patient's medical records.

Getting Started with HIE

Each state and also every process can be a bit different in the needs and the requirements for health information exchange. In certain cases the solutions can also be a bit unique depending on the situation. There are many options available to select from and it is totally up to the physicians to select which option is most beneficial for the patient and their particular case.